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Y Combinator-backed Startups Jump on ChatGPT Hype Train with Novel Applications

Y Combinator’s Winter 2023 batch features four startups that are building "ChatGPT for X," all of which are vying for a slice of the customer service software market that is predicted to be worth $58.1 billion by 2030. Source

  • Yuma

The first startup that caught our eye is Yuma, whose customer demographic is primarily — but not exclusively — Shopify merchants. Yuma provides AI systems that integrate with help desk software and suggests relevant replies to customer tickets. Customers can train Yuma's AI models on historical tickets, having it mimic the writing style of a brand and optionally translate between languages for service agents.

Credit images : Yuma

  • Baselit

Baselit is using OpenAI's text-understanding model GPT-3 to allow businesses to embed chatbot-style analytics for their customers. With Baselit, a marketplace could enable its sellers to ask questions about their products and get the answer in natural language without having to rely on their data team. Customers connect Baselit to their databases and "chat" with the database to get answers to their questions.

Credit images : Baselit

  • Lasso

Lasso combines a ChatGPT-like interface with robotic process automation (RPA) and a Chrome extension. Customers send Lasso descriptions or videos of the processes they'd like to automate, and the company uses its internal tooling to build out those automations. Lasso's platform can be used to scrape an email for a sales prospect, look through a prospecting tool, and save the summarized results to a document.

Credit images : Lasso

  • BerriAI

BerriAI acts as an intermediary between customers and ChatGPT, allowing users to prototype with different ChatGPT configurations, share prototypes, and push template configs to programmatically spin up multiple instances. With BerriAI, a company could build a chat or search interface to let employees ask questions about internal documents or create a tool to automate customer support requests using ZenDesk and Jira Tickets as a knowledge base. BerriAI charges $999 per month.

Credit images : BerriAI

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