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Overview, a low-code automation and integration platform, has launched Merlin AI, a new feature that allows large language models (LLMs) to be converted into complete business processes without revealing customer data to LLMs or requiring LLM training.

Merlin AI enables employees and developers to create, refine, and improve workflows without IT or engineering intervention. This significantly reduces integration time, decreasing it from weeks or months to mere minutes.'s platform combines adaptable automation, sophisticated business logic, and built-in generative AI capabilities to create automated workflows.

The new feature uses OpenAI models and works seamlessly with's connector, workflow, and API technologies to convert natural language inputs into complex workflows. According to Rich Waldron, co-founder and CEO at, Merlin AI removes the learning curve for building automated workflows and makes it accessible to everyone.

Merlin AI is also capable of automating complex tasks, such as data aggregation or transfer across systems, construction of automated workflows, and addressing inquiries. claims it's the first integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solution to offer generative AI capabilities to all users.

The technology uses a combination of GPT models, including GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Whisper, and others to manage different components of the natural language automation flow. These models offer varying capabilities, speed, and fine-tuning. also emphasises that Merlin AI works across a company's entire software stack, enabling it to automate complex workflows in two ways. First, it can build and refine sophisticated automation between multiple systems through conversation. Second, Merlin AI can perform tasks on a user's behalf without directly interacting with the workflows, effectively presenting a new interface for solving business problems. asserts that unlike other applications interfacing with LLMs, Merlin AI and the underlying Tray platform are self-contained, meaning that only small pieces of information need to be fetched from the LLM during the integration building process, ensuring customer data is never exposed or sent to the LLM. believes that Merlin AI’s release marks the beginning of a new age in automation, freeing IT and engineering teams and accelerating innovation pace. The firm also states that with the increasing struggle of organizations with siloed information and multiple niche SaaS apps, automation and integration have become more critical than ever.

Overall, sees Merlin AI as a significant step forward in digital transformation, enabling a wider variety of people within the business to solve issues faster and more accurately through a natural language interface. Source

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