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Stravito Launches Groundbreaking Generative AI for Enhanced Knowledge Management

Image credit: Stravito


Stravito has announced the launch of its proprietary generative AI capabilities, enhancing the search experience by allowing users to ask questions in natural language and receive synthesized answers from a variety of proprietary sources.

According to Stravito's CEO, Thor Olof Philogène, generative AI increases accessibility to an organization’s data, transforming the insights industry by turning one-way searches into two-way conversations.

Notably, Stravito’s generative AI includes related questions with each answer, helping users refine their search. Moreover, the platform ensures trustworthy answers by drawing exclusively from each client’s internally-owned data.

Stravito prioritizes privacy and data security, running its technology on approved, secure enterprise cloud environments. The firm plans to roll out its generative AI capabilities in stages, promising additional AI-based enhancements in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Stravito's generative AI capability enhances search experiences, providing synthesized answers from proprietary data.

  2. The AI provides related questions to refine searches.

  3. Stravito's platform ensures accurate answers by utilizing internally-owned client data.

  4. Data privacy and security are prioritized.

  5. Future enhancements of the AI-based platform are planned. Source

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