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NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure Collaborate to Accelerate AI Development and Deployment

Credit image: Nvidia

Overview NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure are collaborating to facilitate the creation and deployment of AI solutions for developers working on both individual and enterprise-wide AI projects. The partnership provides a multi-layered computing infrastructure, customizable reference applications, comprehensive support, and cloud-optimized management coupled with trusted security.

Key highlights from their collaboration include:

1. NVIDIA AI Enterprise:

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise is the software layer of NVIDIA's AI platform that includes capabilities for speech, computer vision, cybersecurity, and recommendation/personalization engines. It also offers pre-trained models, updated tools, and software development kits (SDKs).

  • A unique feature of NVIDIA AI Enterprise is its transparency. Pre-trained models are unencrypted, enabling developers to view and adjust model weights and biases, thereby improving algorithmic transparency and interpretability.

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise will soon be available in the Azure Marketplace, allowing developers to view all options across various channels and access enterprise-grade software.

2. NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud on Azure:

  • NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, a platform for creating and operating metaverse apps, is coming soon to Azure Cloud. It provides instant access to a full-stack development environment, allowing developers to design, develop, deploy, and manage industrial metaverse applications.

  • NVIDIA and Microsoft are working together to connect Omniverse to Microsoft 365 suite of applications such as Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint for seamless collaboration across digital workflows.

3. Enhanced Machine Learning and Generative AI Capabilities:

  • NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure jointly enhance machine learning capabilities, with NVIDIA AI Enterprise bringing its own ML framework to complement Azure Machine Learning's MLOps capabilities.

  • NVIDIA NeMo allows enterprises to build their own custom language or image models or customize existing foundation models and deploy them at scale on Azure.

  • The power of NVIDIA AI and the Microsoft Azure ND H100 v5 AI supercomputer, powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs, can aid in the development and launch of generative AI apps.

4. Developer Support and Resources:

  • NVIDIA provides developers with free resources and tools to advance understanding and accelerate development skills, including access to over 150+ software development kits, technical training, and early access programs.

  • The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute offers hands-on training to advance skills in AI, accelerated computing, data science, graphics, and simulation.

  • NVIDIA also supports technology startups through the NVIDIA Inception Program, providing marketing opportunities, technical expertise, and exclusive discounts on hardware and software.

NVIDIA and Microsoft will showcase these technologies at the Microsoft Build developer conference happening May 23-25, 2023, with a range of sessions focusing on different aspects of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud on Azure, and other developer tools and resources. Source

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