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Google DeepMind: A Powerful Union of AI Research Teams for a Transformative Future

Image credit: Google


Google DeepMind is set to unite two world-class research teams from DeepMind and Google Research's Brain team in a groundbreaking move to accelerate AI research and technology. Announced by Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, this integration will support the development of more capable AI systems, safely and responsibly.

Since becoming an AI-first company in 2016, Google has been using AI to enhance its core products, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, and the Pixel phone's camera. Additionally, Google Cloud has allowed businesses and developers to harness AI's power, while demonstrating its potential to address societal issues like health and climate change.

With the rapid pace of AI progress, the formation of Google DeepMind will combine the outstanding talents of the Brain team from Google Research and DeepMind. Their collective accomplishments over the past decade include AlphaGo, Transformers, word2vec, WaveNet, AlphaFold, sequence to sequence models, distillation, deep reinforcement learning, and distributed systems and software frameworks like TensorFlow and JAX.

The integration of these leading research groups, backed by Google's computational resources, is expected to significantly accelerate AI progress. Demis Hassabis will lead Google DeepMind as CEO, guiding the development of general AI systems that will power the next generation of products and services.

Jeff Dean, in his elevated role as Google's Chief Scientist, will report to Sundar Pichai and serve as Chief Scientist for both Google Research and Google DeepMind. He will work closely with Hassabis to set the future direction of AI research and oversee critical strategic technical projects, including a series of powerful multimodal AI models.

Meanwhile, Google Research will continue its fundamental work in computer science, covering areas such as algorithms, privacy and security, quantum computing, health, climate and sustainability, and responsible AI. The research division will report to James Manyika, along with his existing Tech & Society teams.


The formation of Google DeepMind marks a pivotal moment in AI research, uniting the exceptional talents of DeepMind and Google Research's Brain team. By working together, these experts will propel the industry toward innovative and transformative AI advancements, positively impacting various sectors and enhancing people's lives worldwide. Source

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