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Google Cloud advances generative AI at I/O: new foundation models, embeddings, and tuning tools

Image credit: Google


Google announced a series of advancements in Google Cloud's generative AI offerings. These enhancements build on Google's established leadership in the field of generative AI, demonstrated by innovations such as the Transformer architecture and the newly announced PaLM 2 language model.

New Foundation Models: Google Cloud is introducing three new foundation models in Vertex AI. They are:

  • Codey: A text-to-code model that can assist developers by offering code completion, code generation, and help with debugging and other code-related issues. Codey supports more than 20 programming languages, including Go, Google Standard SQL, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Typescript.

  • Imagen: A text-to-image model allowing organizations to generate and customize high-quality images at scale for any business need. Imagen also includes built-in content moderation and supports the generation of images in over 300 languages.

  • Chirp: A speech-to-text model trained on millions of hours of audio, Chirp can support over 100 languages and achieve up to 98% accuracy on English.

Embeddings API: This API helps developers build more sophisticated applications by converting text and image data into multi-dimensional numerical vectors that map semantic relationships. This is useful for longer inputs, such as texts with thousands of tokens.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF): This new feature allows organizations to incorporate human feedback to train a reward model that can be used to fine-tune foundation models. RLHF helps maintain model performance over time and deploy safer, more accurate, and more useful models to production.

These new offerings aim to empower developers to create innovative applications with generative AI technology, backed by Google's commitment to safety, security, and privacy. They are part of Google Cloud's broader initiative to transform how organizations across all industries and levels of technical expertise build and interact with AI in the cloud.

Codey, Imagen, Embeddings API for images, and RLHF are available in Vertex AI through the trusted tester program. Chirp, PaLM 2, Embeddings API, and Generative AI Studio for text are available in preview in Vertex AI to all Google Cloud account holders.

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