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Financial Dashboard with Quantitative Strategies for FX Trading Market

Nota : Please click on the Github image above in order to be redirected to the project.


The financial_dashboard GitHub project provides a codebase for creating a financial dashboard to display trading account information and apply quantitative strategies to the foreign exchange (FX) market. The project retrieves data from an external API and displays it in a table format using Dash DataTable. The table displays various account metrics, such as currency, balance, profit and loss (PnL), open position count, and unrealized PnL.

In addition to the financial dashboard, the project includes a modal that allows users to access various quantitative strategies and strategy parameters, such as the trading instrument, strategy type, amount, and backtesting dates.

Please note that the project is currently in private mode, and interested parties will need to request access and collaboration from the project owner to use it via message.

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