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Akridata Data Explorer Now Available on Azure Marketplace for Enhanced Visual Data Analysis

Image credit: Akridata

Akridata, a software company specializing in smart ingestion and exploration of visual data, has announced that its flagship product, Akridata Data Explorer, is now available in the Azure Marketplace. This collaboration with Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud-based application marketplace, marks a significant milestone for the company by offering enhanced accessibility and ease of use for data scientists working with complex data sets.

The Akridata Data Explorer is a tool designed to help data science teams explore, search, analyze, and compare visual data, ultimately improving data sets and model training. It is the first platform to focus exclusively on processing visual data in the machine learning lifecycle. Key features include virtual connections to multiple data sources, exploration of visual data on unlabeled datasets, image-based similarity searches, viewing model performance from various perspectives, and comparing data across multiple sets.

By making the Data Explorer available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Akridata is expanding global access to a cloud-based tool that aids data scientists in exploring, curating, and using visual data on a large scale. This announcement comes shortly after the official launch of Data Explorer and the appointment of Chris McBride as the company's Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Akridata is the creator of the first developer-friendly workbench designed to curate complex images and video data for improved AI model building. The Data Explorer allows data scientists to explore, search, compare, and analyze over one million frames, reducing time spent on data selection and curation while avoiding wastage in labeling spend and accelerating the path to model accuracy. Source

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