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Welcome to this week's AI newsletter, where we bring you the latest developments and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Recent developments in AI are influencing various sectors, including high-security organizations, machine learning deployment, data governance, and search technology. In recent news, four significant advancements in artificial intelligence have been influencing different industries, showcasing the potential of AI.

  • Databricks Acquires Okera: Enhancing Data Governance in the AI Age

Image credit: Okera

Databricks' acquisition of Okera, an AI-centric data governance platform, signals a commitment to addressing data privacy and governance challenges in the age of large language models (LLMs). Databricks plans to integrate Okera's AI-centric governance technologies into Unity Catalog, their data governance layer for all data and AI workloads, offering customers enhanced data discovery, classification, and governance. Full article

  • MosaicML Inference Service: Secure, Cost-Effective Deployment for Large Models

Image credit: MosaicML

MosaicML has launched a fully managed inference service that aims to make deploying machine learning models as simple and cost-effective as possible without compromising data privacy. The service offers two tiers, Starter and Enterprise, catering to different needs of organizations. MosaicML Inference provides an end-to-end platform to help organizations turn their data into production-grade AI services, ensuring data never leaves their secure environment. Full article

  • Mattermost: AI-Enhanced Collaboration Platform for High-Security Organizations

Image credit: Mattermost

Mattermost announced its AI-enhanced secure collaboration platform at the Web Summit Rio technology conference. The open-source platform integrates generative AI and ChatGPT, fostering innovation and data control for government and technology sectors. Mattermost now offers AI-augmented communication and workflow experiences in strict security environments, catering to government, defense, and technology organizations. Full article

  • Algolia NeuralSearch: Combining Vector Database and Keyword Technologies for AI-Powered Search

Image credit: Algolia

Algolia, a leading search-as-a-service provider, announced the launch of Algolia NeuralSearch, an AI-powered search engine that combines vector database search with traditional keyword search. This approach aims to improve search accuracy and enhance user experience for over 17,000 organizations. The combination of keyword and vector search ensures optimized results, reducing instances of zero-result queries and increasing revenue conversion. Full article

These recent advancements in AI highlight the potential impact of artificial intelligence across various industries. As the technology continues to develop, it is expected to bring more significant changes, driving innovation and efficiency in an increasingly interconnected world.

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