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AI Innovations Transforming Tech

Microsoft Loop App Joins Canva's Tools, CodiumAI's Code Logic Tests, and Opera's ChatGPT Integration

Image Credits: Microsoft, Canva, CodiumAI, Opera


Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make waves across various industries as leading companies unveil new AI-powered tools and features. Microsoft, Canva, CodiumAI, and Opera have introduced ground-breaking AI innovations that promise to reshape how we approach collaboration, design, coding, and web browsing.

  • Microsoft Loop App Streamlines Collaborative Work

Microsoft has announced the public preview of its Loop app, which facilitates modern co-creation by bringing together teams, content, and tasks across tools and devices. The Loop app offers flexible workspaces, easy organization of project materials, and sharing of information with specific groups of people. It also integrates Microsoft 365 Copilot, which provides AI-powered suggestions and summarization capabilities to improve collaboration. This innovative app demonstrates the potential of AI in revolutionizing the way people work together. Source

  • Canva's AI-Powered Design Tools Revolutionize Creativity

Design platform Canva has announced a slew of AI-powered tools and a new Brand Hub during its Canva Create virtual event. Canva's new Assistant helps users search for design elements, access features, and receive design recommendations. The company has expanded its AI-powered copywriting assistant, Magic Write, across all project types and made it available in 18 languages.

Additionally, Canva has launched Magic Design, Magic Edit, and Magic Eraser tools for image and presentation editing. The company is also introducing Beat Sync for video footage and a Translate feature supporting over 100 languages. Canva now supports Alt Text and has added 953 new fonts. The new Brand Hub focuses on helping teams stay on-brand with tools like Magic Replace and brand templates, folders, and guidelines. Source

  • CodiumAI Automates Code Logic Testing with Generative AI

CodiumAI has raised $11 million in seed funding for its generative AI solution that helps developers build code logic tests automatically. The company's custom large language model, TestGPT, powers its solution by analyzing code and creating tests based on user input. CodiumAI has worked with 1,000 early users and is now offering its free product to a wider audience. Source

  • Opera Browser Integrates ChatGPT and AI Summarization Features

Opera has integrated generative AI chatbots, powered by ChatGPT and ChatSonic, into its Opera and Opera GX desktop browsers. These early access tools enable users to generate AI prompts, summarize articles, write social media posts, and ideate through prompts. ChatSonic's bot, powered by GPT-4, allows users to generate images from text inputs.

The company plans to announce more AI-powered features running on its own GPT-based model in the future. As more browsers follow suit, AI-powered tools are poised to become increasingly popular and integral to web browsing experiences. Source


As AI continues to advance, companies like Canva, CodiumAI, and Opera are reshaping the way we approach design, coding, and web browsing with their innovative AI-powered tools and features. As these tools become more widespread and accessible, we can expect AI to play an even more significant role in various industries, transforming the way we live and work.

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